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#96647 - 06/04/09 01:45 AM Re: List of Easy Foods [Re: davidcpa]
ChristineB Offline
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Traci, watch out for the rice. I almost choked to death on it. I have now discovered mashed baked beans are really very good on top of mashed potatoes. Cream of wheat and mashed bananas are good too.

Cream of tomato soup for me is really tasty. I used to do what Donna does with a very lightly grilled cheese. Without my teeth, cant do that anymore. I think the milk in the soup helps to tone down the acid. Im also about 20 months post radiation.

I used to drink a couple chocolate/peanut butter milkshakes daily. Add a scoop of dry carnation instant breakfast and top with whipped cream. My shakes were huge and had about 2500+ calories in them. Believe it or not, I would sometimes drink 3 per day and still didnt gain any weight when I was recovering.

To me its all about texture. Foods that are smooth are easy to eat.
SCC 6/15/07 L chk & by L molar both Stag I, age44
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4/4/08 recur L chk Stag I
surg 4/16/08 clr marg
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3/09 teeth out, trismus
7/2/09 recur, Stg IV
8/24/09 trach, ND, mandiblctmy
3wks medicly inducd coma
2 mo extended hospital stay, ICU & burn unit
PICC line w/ IV antibiotics 8 mo
10/4/10, 2/14/11 reconst surg
OC 3 times in 3 years
very happy to be alive smile

#96785 - 06/06/09 02:02 AM Re: List of Easy Foods [Re: ChristineB]
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Hi all, Also for those that want the tomato soup.. do as stated above with milk, add a pinch of sugar & dab of butter. The sugar will help cut the acid in the tomato's.

You can add sugar to home made spaghetti sauce as well.

2004 SCC R.tip 1/4 tongue Oct. 2005 R. Neck SCC cancer/Chemo Cisplatin 2x/8wks. Rad. Removed Jugular vein, Lymph gland & some neck muscle. TX finished 1/20/06... B.Cancer 3/29/07 Finished 6/07 Bi-op 7/15/09 SCC in-situ, laser surgery removed from 1st. sight. Right jaw replacement 11/3/14. 9 yrs cancer free as of Jan. 2015

#97832 - 06/22/09 03:02 AM Re: List of Easy Foods [Re: davidcpa]
Vixmommy Offline

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I recently discovered something (well I was given a some by a friedn who was concerned about my continued weight loss) called Spiru-tien Whey - made by Nature's Plus it comes in a can premade or individual envelopes or large can of powder (that's the one I have been using)- it's a little pricy in the health food stores where it is generally sold but I was able to find it much more reasonably proced on the internet

It comes in a bunch of flavors but I have only had the vanilla so far which I found very tasty ( which suprised me since I don't like the taste of anything very much anymore)

It has 100 % of the vitamins you need - more than the instant breakfast but doesn't supply a lot of calories - ( I think it is actually marketed to people trying to lose weight) so instead of the recommended lowfat milk I have been using whole milk and occassionally (If I have it in the evening) I have been adding a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream to it to add to the calorie and fat count.

I have not gained any weight since I ahev started using it but I have not lost naymore either which is a good thing! I also feel a lot more energetic.

I also suggest cream soups like cream of potato, cream of tomatoe, lobster bisque. I also find broiled scallops and barbequed baby back ribs (super mild barbeque sauce need ed though!) very easy to eat

#103392 - 09/13/09 12:35 AM Re: List of Easy Foods [Re: traci]
miss alice Offline

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Traci, I just got diagnosed and had the surgery 2 wks ago. I am finding baby food tastes pretty good. Just ate rice cereal with some baby food pears mixed in. It even tasted good cold. I have also been using the Gerber baby food spoons that have the silicone 'bowl.' There aren't any rough edges dragging across the tongue. It is still VERY PAINFUL for me to swallow. My ear hurts the worst. They say it is referred pain. I hope this suggestion helps you.

#103417 - 09/14/09 01:39 AM Re: List of Easy Foods [Re: miss alice]
EzJim Offline
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I tried another experiment yesterday. Cook some tomatoes with green beans , add some onion, garlic, pasley, basil, just a touch of oregano and a shot of sauce that you like. Cook angel hair pasta very well done and pasty for us with no teeth. Mix it and mash it with a fork. It really tasted good and add some romano and parmesan cheese to cover it and go for it. I handed some to the neighbors and they liked it. LOL so did I. Let the beans and tomatoes cook for at least 3 hrs . then mix it.
Since posting this. UPMC, Pittsburgh, Oct 2011 until Jan. I averaged about 2 to 3 surgeries a week there. w Can't have jaw made as bone is deteroriating steaily that is left in jaw. Mersa is to blame. Feeding tube . Had trach for 4mos. Got it out April.
--- Passed away 5/14/14, will be greatly missed by everyone here

#104189 - 09/25/09 09:57 PM Re: List of Easy Foods [Re: EzJim]
boatswife Offline
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Pot Roast
1 beef chuck roast (the one that has some marbling, about 3 pounds)
1 pack Lipton onion soup mix
2 cans condensed cream of mushroom soup
2/3 can of water
1 small onion, sliced
Splash of olive oil
favorite seasoning

In a large stock pot, heat olive oil in medium heat.
Season the pot roast with salt/pepper or your favorite seasoning.
Sear the pot roast on all sides.
Add onion.
Mix soup, water and lipton package together and pour over roast. (this will be thick, but the roast will put off a lot of juice to make it thinner)
Cover and simmer for 3 hours. I turn the roast over a couple of times during the 3 hours.

At the 3 hour mark, the roast will be falling apart. The bigger the roast, the longer the cooking time.
I always cook my roasts this way and it's great every time, but the key is the cooking time. You'll know when it's falling apart when you move's done.
This recipe makes a lot of gravy, but if you want more you could add another can of soup and increase the water up to a full can.

I took some roast and added the gravy into the blender. The puree came out nice and smooth. If you don't like mushrooms, I think you will still be ok with this recipe. With it pureed, you just can't taste them.
08-10-09 Partial Glossectomy w/suprahyoid neck dissection
SCC T1NOMX Stage I | 46 years old

#104246 - 09/26/09 02:38 PM Re: List of Easy Foods [Re: boatswife]
Sophie H. Offline
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That sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Sophie T.

CG to husband: SCC Stage 4, T4, N1, M0; non-smoker and very light social drinker; HPV+
induction chemo begun 7/07; chemo/radiation ended 10/10, first cat scan clear; scan on 5/9/08 clear, scan on 10/08 clear; scan 1/09 clear; scan 1/10 clear

#104370 - 09/29/09 06:28 AM Re: List of Easy Foods [Re: Sophie H.]
boatswife Offline
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I just made this yesterday and it was really good.

Black eyed pea soup:
The last time we had a spiral ham, I saved the bone with some meat still on it and put it in the freezer.
I soaked a pack of dried black eyed peas overnight (filled a stock pot with water and put the beans in). Rinsed them in a colander and added them to my crock pot. I nestled that ham bone in the middle and poured chicken stock (Swanson's) to cover everything.

I cooked it on low overnight and stirred it the next morning. I kept it on low until lunch time then pulled the bone out. The beans were soft and flavorful. The ham was tender, but it might still need a touch of the blender. You could always leave the ham out. I didn't add any other seasoning.

Just wanting to pass this on. I had a very hard time thinking of soft foods, so when I come across something I liked, I don't want to forget it.
08-10-09 Partial Glossectomy w/suprahyoid neck dissection
SCC T1NOMX Stage I | 46 years old

#104398 - 09/29/09 10:00 PM Re: List of Easy Foods [Re: boatswife]
Dianne MH Offline
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Hello Friend's, Because I am new to the site, I have not read all that there is posted already. I am just going to throw some ideas out there as "Food For Thought" Here are some of the food items I am able to eat (without choking to death) Water-from a Brita pitcher (change filter @ least every 3 months) I keep my water @ room temp. Breakfast, Instant oatmeal (reg flav.) I add a little sugar @ cin. RaisinBran, I add milk & let it soak for 20min (I add a little coffee too!) I really missed not being able to eat toast, so I came up w/this "gravy"- Melt 3T Butter in small sauce pan, add 2 T of flour, keep stirring, next add milk, cream or water, keep stirring until you get the thin/thickness you like. Add some mustard for color. Make toast, eggs over easy & pour "gravy" over it all. The rest of what I eat is mostly,Soups, Salads & Pasta. A Ballpark Hot dog, boiled and eaten with loose mashed potatoes and (frozen) chopped spinch is good. I don't use my microwave to much. If it wasn't for the high prices, I would eat all organic! I want to keep the pounds off, so this menu works for me. Not being able to eat cookies, cake, bread, pizza a help!!! The only thing I really miss...Potatoe Chips ! Even w/dip, its just too hard to get down. During the 3rd week of radiation, I never thought I would be able to talk or eat ever again, now I am able to do long as I have water, I'm good to go ! All My best Wishes to you all. Please, don't give up, ever ! Dianne
BOT T3N2M0 No surgery, 38radiation treatments,4 chemo rounds, peg removed 11/08, still have a port. Treatments ended 6/20/08. So far, so Good ! "I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much !"

*** Admin update --- Dianne has passed away on August 25, 2015 ***

#104435 - 09/30/09 01:33 PM Re: List of Easy Foods [Re: Dianne MH]
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The first "Solid" food I was able to handle was Mrs. Calendar's Chicken pot pies. Lots of gravy in them and once they cool slide down easily. I must have eaten a hundred of those things. They really kept me from dropping even more weight.
Age: 54 SCC Tonsil + 3 nodes
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Treatment 4/1 - 6/7/2009
No surgery, no PEG
Never smoked
Drink socially (brew my own beer and love wine. A bottle of scotch lasts me a couple of years)
CT 11/4/09 No sign of envolvement in Tonsil or nodes

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