Posted By: Melba Recliner? - 12-13-2017 08:34 PM
Hello, Hoping someone can help us out! My husband is 5 weeks post op and is recovering from bilat tonsillectomy and multiple node dissection. He has SCC p16 +. The worst pain he has is related to neck nerve irritation from surgery. He just cannot get comfortable in any position. He seems to be past his throat pain and most swallowing issues, but sleep is elusive in the bed or on the couch or any number of chairs we have. I am loathe to get a recliner, thinking that we will not need it in a few weeks, but Im thinking maybe it would be a smart purchase. Does anyone have positive feedback on recliners?
Posted By: ChristineB Re: Recliner? - 12-13-2017 10:17 PM
Welcome to OCF! Many of us who have had neck dissections have had numbness and/or pain thats hung on for years after the surgery. I wouldnt want to buy one either if it was only needed for a few weeks. Will your husband have any further treatments? Many patients who have surgeries also have radiation with or without chemo to ensure every cancer cell has been eliminated. Many patients who go thru rads will sleep in a recliner and use it for at least the first year. Its so much easier for those who use a feeding tube to be in a recliner instead of a bed. Patients are better able to control their thick gunky mucous that most get after rads. Many patients also have sinus issues a recliner helps with that as well.

If your husband does not need any further treatment then maybe renting a recliner would be a better short term option? Maybe you have a close family member in your area who would loan your husband their recliner for a few weeks. If you can borrow a recliner and if your husband continues to use it after about 2 months you can always return it then go buy your own.

Good luck smile
Posted By: Melba Re: Recliner? - 12-14-2017 08:11 PM
HI Christine,
No further treatments, but he has had some nerve irritation and the PT said that it could be an extended recovery and healing time. I think its going to be worth it. Im gonna get one ASAP.
Thank you for what you do! Much appreciated.
Posted By: MarvB Re: Recliner? - 04-23-2018 03:09 PM
Instead of buying a new recliner, look on Craigs List or at Goodwill. You should be able to find one cheap, then resell it when you're done with it.
Posted By: Vicky1 Re: Recliner? - 06-17-2018 02:03 AM
My dad's been sleeping on our recliner since returning home from his surgery last week. He said he just can't get comfortable in a bed or on the couch.
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