Posted By: Barb Your skin is breaking down..what does this mean? - 08-04-2005 11:28 AM
They told me by Monday the skin would be off my neck because it was "breaking down." What does this mean? I know my skin is a funny grayish color plus red and dark red and bluish red.

Does this mean it will "peel" like a sunburn or be more deep? I should have asked but I am never prepared for anything new they say to me. Will I get a special cream then other than this Biafine and triple antibiotic? They said keep using the Vigilon pads too. I would hate to take one of those off and my skin come off with it. eek

This is kind of scarey to me. frown

God bless,
3 more to go
Barb, quite a bit of my neck skin came off. The problem was probably accelerated by the Iressa, but it was so oozy I felt bad that my pillowcases were getting crusty, and the fact that just to put my head back on a pillow hurt something terrible. They gave me those petroleum soaked gauze pads at the end. Not only the skin, but quite a bit of the bottom part of my lower back scalp seemed to come off.

Anyway, that all healed up. It took well over a month past treatment to heal up, but they at least gave it two good months because the neck dissection couldn't be done until the skin healed up.

I don't remember it peeling like a sunburn, but I think it just sloughed off every time I got in the shower. It was during this period that I began to appreciate the shower, because the water and soap felt good on the neck and at least I could get the crusty ooze off me.

Seems scary, but boy, I think there's lots of scary stuff on this journey anyway. Even though I'm done for now, I'm hoping there's no more "scary" ahead.

OMG! I hope I get the last treatment in before it happens. I can't even imagine them screwing that mask down over that. Oh man. I am so tired right now I did not think anything would wake me up but I am awake for sure now.

I imagine its the same as yours because she said and I quote "Barb I do not want you to be alarmed but I do have to tell you that the skin on your neck will be falling off soon. Most probably Monday. I am telling you this so you don't get scared."

Well darn. Now I am scared. frown I think I will ask tomorrow what meds they use for that if any. Surely they will use something.

Jen I am so sorry you had so much pain and I do so hope the future holds no more scary things for you hun.

May God be with you,
When Pete`s skin came off , it was more like a bad sunburn and he had nice healthy if red skin underneath. I actually helped the process along with a sterile water and peroxide spray, it made the dead skin bubble up and then it came off in the shower.
Don`t panic about it , we can talk you through when it starts and it should not be too painful.

3 more and then finito!!!

Take Care

My rad onc gave me a sample of Aquaphor. It is a white cream that was very soothing and really helped heal my skin. i would look into if I were you. My wife couldn't believe how quickly my skin healed from the burns.

Well I asked today and was told the "peeling" varies with each person. They said the worst is when the skin becomes very dry and cracked. They said generally, though not always the case, the moister the skin the less chance of a bad peel.

Because I have religiously used the Biafine, the cortisone cream and now the triple antibiotic they gave me, my skin, they believe,will simply peel much as your husbands Morica but of course they can never really be sure of that. I do feel a tad relieved though. Now I just have to wait and see.

Following your doctors advice on how to use the creams etc. he/she gives you as directed is a must. It has certainly helped me.

You know, when the oozing stopped after radiation was over (they actually thankfully took me off the Iressa for a few months too, which probably amped the blistering up), all that stuff did "dry" up and I quit putting creams on it and allowed it to dry up.

In my case, the goo I put on it was almost as bad as the goo erupting from my neck. The goo was driving me crazy. My hair (what was left of it) would get in the goo and drive me to the shower frequently. At one point I was taking at least three or four showers a day.

After the goo phase, I entered into the scab phase. For this I was grateful. I felt like a dirt magnet with the grease all over my neck.

Just keep telling yourself "This too shall pass"

Oh Jen how terrible. frown Mine isn't oozing at all. Remember when I had the white melted skin thing going on? Well now its all smooth except for the gray looking places. They say that is where the peel will be mainly.
What is driving me insane is the itch! I can't use the 5% cortisone cream on it and the itch is never ending even when its moist and has the pad on it. I could just dig it to the bone.

I just hope it heals fast. That is all I can wish for right now.
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