I know that Sloan Kettering is currently investigating reducing RT Dose to 30 Gy for Select Human Papillomavirus Associated Oropharyngeal Carcinoma. Does anyone know which other cancer treatment centers are actively involved in research, trial, or treatment regarding DE-ESCALATION OF RT DOSE FOR HPV+ HEAD-NECK CANCER?
I am so glad I came across your post. We just had a consult/2nd opinion with Sloan a few days ago. They believe my husband is a candidate for the clinical trial (no surgery, 30 gr, 2 chemo) Our 1st consult was at Columbia. He recommends surgery. Might not need any radiation after. We are at a crossroad here. The Sloan treatment with the 30g is less then a year out which makes us nervous. Have you had other opinions outside of Sloan?
You could find out if there are clinical trials that might benefit you if you ask your doctors. Im sorry OCF does not have info on clinical trials unless OCF is associated with the trial. Its way too much info that is constantly changing, starting, stopping and being cancelling before results are obtained. Our small nonprofit organization does not have the manpower to investigate and/or staff to compile info thats relevant to OC patients for clinical trials. At OCF we protect our members by guarding their personal info. We discourage our members from publicly posting any of their personal info as it could be easily obtained by spiders/webcrawlers or other unscrupulous businesses who have automated computers trolling the web searching to collect personal info to sell or use for their own benefit (usually to make money or exploit individuals). Something else I thought of that could be very important for everyone involved with all clinical trials (no matter in what capacity) needs constantly be aware of... confidentiality! The following is an excerpt obtained from the results given when I did a quick Google search for clinical trials. The sources below may have what you are looking for or you could try going directly to the source of where you first learned of the trial (Im not sure why it brings up AIDS... Im guessing it could be by incorrectly thinking HPV is a typo for HIV???) ....

FDA Clinical Trials Search. Search a database of Federally and privately supported studies available through clinicaltrials.gov. Learn about each trial’s purpose, who can participate, locations, and who to contact for more information.
Clinicaltrials.gov. Conducts more advanced searches
National Cancer Institute or call 1–800–4–CANCER (1–800–422–6237). Learn about clinical trials for people with cancer.
AIDS Clinical Trials and Information Services (ACTIS)External Link Disclaimer or call 1–800–TRIALS–A (1–800–874–2572). Locate clinical trials for people with HIV.
AIDSinfo. Search a database of HIV/AIDS trials, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine.

Good luck!!!
For ur info i finished the G30 trial at MSK 5 weeks ago. Seems to be the only place where they have a de-escalation trial
I am on the g30 trial with msk. 5 weeks post treatment. How is your husband doing? What side effect is he still experiencing?
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