Posted By: ngerecitano New Pain 2.5 Years Out - 05-13-2021 11:03 PM
Hi Everyone!

I'm about 2.5 years out from completing treatment and it seems like there's always a new post treatment problem that pops up every few months. I've had pain and an infection in the area that was radiated under my tongue in the past, and now that same pain is back, but my ENT didn't think it was an infection this time. She mentioned it feeling and looking like scar tissue. I didn't realize scar tissue could cause pain or have a burning sensation when certain foods touch it. Have any of you experienced anything like that? My ENT said I looked perfectly healthy with her visual and touch inspection and with the nasal scope. Just frustrating to keep having these pains pop up.
Posted By: Dizz_zzey Re: New Pain 2.5 Years Out - 05-15-2021 04:54 PM
Scar tissue can continue to build up and grow, and so can press on nerves. If it hardens up then it can cause issues by restricting movement. Massage is key to keep the scar tissue soft and pliable
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