Posted By: SueBee65

Phlegm - 12-25-2019 06:55 AM

My husband has 1 more treatment to finish a course of 35 radiation and 5 chemo treatments. The phlegm he has is so thick. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce it or thin it? He wants to do things, but is embarrassed to be out in public.

How long after radiation treatments are finished does it take for the phlegm to stop?
Posted By: gmcraft

Re: Phlegm - 12-27-2019 03:44 PM

The best way to deal with the phlegm is to clean the mouth with a Waterpik. Put a spoonful of the magic mouthwash in the water tank filled with warm water. Then clean the mouth on the lowest setting using the tongue scraper. It cleans out the phlegm very efficiently, although it needs to be repeated several times in a day.
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