Posted By: Dianed New to forum - 11-23-2021 11:59 PM
Hi I used to be on Cancer Compass. I am coming up on 12 years post treatment for Stage 4 base of tongue cancer. Just want to offer encouragement to all who are on this forum!
Posted By: Paan Re: New to forum - 11-24-2021 03:52 AM
Welcome to the group and thanyou so much we all are glad to have someone like you in the group
Posted By: kimmybgood Re: New to forum - 12-02-2021 07:09 AM
Welcome Dianed... so encouraging to have you join us.
Posted By: Demetrius Re: New to forum - 12-06-2021 04:35 PM
I was going hoarse and didn't know why. An urgent care doctor said it was tonsillitis. It wasn't. I went to an E.N.T. doctor and was diagnosed with vocal cords cancer.
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