Posted By: Allan Has it come back - 08-12-2009 06:01 PM
Hi everybody I'm back on the site ,i have been very selfish the past couple of years enjoying myself going yippee cancer free , but about 6 weeks ago i noticed a lump in my neck ,and yes it feel just like 2 years ago ,but with a extra dull ache ,of i go to the consultant who said of you go for a ct scan which i had last Monday ,i now have to wait till next Tuesday for the results ,its the waiting that's the worse ,is there any truth in you have a feeling that you know when its come back , oh well i should know next Tuesday , just like to say THIS SITE IS THE BEST , and a special hello to cookey how you doing long time no email , will keep you posted ,Allan
Posted By: Pandora99 Re: Has it come back - 08-12-2009 06:08 PM
I am scared every time I get a find a new lump and I, in an attempt to prepare myself for the worse then if the news is good - enjoy the best, am SURE it is back. Turns out I have only been right once out of many lumps and biopsies. I think I am about 1/15? I'm obviously not very good at guessing- and that is what you are doing - GUESSING. You will not know until the results, and as many have said - it isn't cancer until the doctors say it IS cancer.

Try not to be like me. Cancer steals far too much of our lives - don't let this thief steal these waiting days too. It doesn't deserve them. Put the test out of your mind and take a cancer vacation until your test results day!

Go out and enjoy today - NOW is all any of us have.

Posted By: Allan Re: Has it come back - 08-12-2009 06:13 PM
hi Donna that's whats so good about this site a reply straight and you have cheered me up already this is only my first lump in 2 years cancer free i thought the worst straight but i am only a man ,thanks love Allan
Posted By: Cookey Re: Has it come back - 08-12-2009 07:06 PM
Hey you
long time no hear.Its lovely to see you back but of course i wish it had been to post your two years post tx clear.still you were and i expect still are just like rob,awkward and contrary so it wasn't that likely was it?Lets not get ahead of ourselves here shep what does Debs think?Just try to chill until tuesday and if you fancy a rant honey the e-mail address hasn't changed.

love to you both

liz xxx
Posted By: Ray1971 Re: Has it come back - 08-13-2009 02:06 AM
hi Allan,'s nothing until they tell you otherwise!
Posted By: Cookey Re: Has it come back - 08-17-2009 06:28 PM
Good luck for tomorrow shep.I have evrything crossed for you.

love liz
Posted By: Cookey Re: Has it come back - 08-18-2009 04:53 PM
I see you lurking whats the news? xxx
Posted By: Allan Re: Has it come back - 08-18-2009 05:56 PM
Hi had the results today the good news is they can not even see the lump in my neck as it is so small ,that's men for you we always exaggerate on size ,the bad news is that the scan showed a tumor near my heart tucked nicely behind it in a awkward place so that they cannot get to it to get a biopsy as yet ,they say that they find it difficult to believe that it has come from my throat (that's a relief) but as yet they dont know the primary source so i have to go for a full scan in a few weeks ,what they want to know is what kind of cancer it is then we talk about treatment or maybe in a few weeks the tumor is big enough to have pushed other organs out the way so they can do a biopsy ,so i am waiting ,will i have to join another forum if its not connected to my throat is one of my worries ,but on the bright side at the moment my throat appears to be cancer free ,see oral cancer can be cured , lots of love to everyone for all there support , Allan
Posted By: Cookey Re: Has it come back - 08-18-2009 06:26 PM
Oh Allan
i am going to put emotion aside here and be a factual.The facts are they cannot know if this tumour is related to your throat until they can biopsy the tissue and identify what type it is. It is possible it is a secondary from the throat or is their a possibility your first tumour wasn't a primary?

Next why the hell do you have to wait a few weeks? Surely this is urgent and the scan needs doing ASAP.Oh shit Allan!!!!

I can't speak for any one else but i dont see any reason for you to leave this forum as you will always be an oral cancer patient/survivor so i for one hope you will stay with us and let us know as soon as you have any news.

all my love to you and debs

Posted By: Allan Re: Has it come back - 08-18-2009 08:10 PM
Hi thanks for your concern ,they are going to wait and do a full body scan because they think it is from some where else ,ie down below possible pancreas also it will give some time to see if the tumor gets any bigger so they can take a biopsy from that because there is a chance that there is no primary and it has come from my neck ,the good news is there is no sign of cancer from this tumor upwards ,so i am going to go wild till the merry go round starts again (i went to the pub for early doors tonight keep it quiet ) i will keep you informed of the progress ,the cancer that is not the going wild , love Allan
Posted By: Pandora99 Re: Has it come back - 08-18-2009 10:18 PM
You will always belong here, and you are in our prayers.

Posted By: Cookey Re: Has it come back - 08-19-2009 11:00 AM
Hi Allan

hope you enjoyed early doors,that was a Rob move if ever i saw one.Cold light of day today so i hope you and Debs are coping with this new challenge and things get underway soon

love liz
Posted By: Allan Re: Has it come back - 09-03-2009 10:38 AM
Hi update ( Cookey moaned at me ) we spoke to my consultant the other day and said why can i not have another scan now as it may show where the cancer is coming from ,they said there is no sign of it in my neck or throat and the new lump in my neck is to small to do a needle biopsy they think that that is nothing to worry about they have said they need to wait to see how big the tumor in my chest gets over 2 months also to see if they can then get to it ,at the moment it is 2cm and hidden behind my heart ,they have told me that it would be highly unlikely that it is from my original cancer in my throat as it should have gone to a closer lymph gland before the one in my chest but they are not ruling this out ,it appears that untill they can access this tumor anything else is of minor concern so i have to wait till the second week in oct for another scan ,has anyone heard of throat cancer ending up in your chest after 2 years free i cannot find anything on the Internet , bye for now Allan
Posted By: EzJim Re: Has it come back - 09-03-2009 11:29 AM
Allan, it seems that have a lot of good questions that need answered. I pray that someone can give you the answers and that everything will get brighter and better for you. yoy are in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted By: Cookey Re: Has it come back - 09-03-2009 12:56 PM
Well done big man

i am sure the brains on here will come up with some answers for you.

love liz
Posted By: Bonniey Re: Has it come back - 09-03-2009 06:40 PM
I just love that we have the little lady Liz who is such a big strong woman that all she has to do is growl ( Cookey moaned at me ) and these men jump. Good luck Allen and go get em Cookey.

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