Posted By: Micki Dentures after glossectomy - 06-16-2020 12:44 AM
My partner had partial glossectomy in January followed by rad and chemo. All that is done. He had dentures before all of this which of course don’t fit now. How long after treatment can he be fitted for new dentures? He’s so wanting to chew on just about anything. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks and please stay safe!
Posted By: PaulB Re: Dentures after glossectomy - 06-17-2020 11:11 PM
Hi Mickey!

Although I had a different type cancer, oropharynx, I had radiation, chemo and surgery multiple times that effected all my teeth requiring their removal. I had asked about the time frame for dentures, and was told it was long off. I had a cancer recurrence, requiring treatment again, so the wait started over. Once I felt recovered enough I was told you would have to wait at least a year. Before that time was up I needed jaw replacement for osteoradionecrosis from radiation and teeth extractions, so I was told my jaw would have to heal, probably about a year. Before that time I had a major heart attack, and waited again. After a series of other incidents, hospitalizations and nursing home stays I never inquired about dentures again. My head and neck surgeon doesn’t believe implants would be an option for me with all the radiation (5x) I had, plus others. He did want to send me to their prontologist, I could be wrong with the name, but I never went to see him or her. Right now, after everything is opening, I would see about dentures one day, but I’m staying put as I really can’t walk after breaking my hip in the nursing home.

See your doctors, and see what they say. Good luck!
Posted By: Micki Re: Dentures after glossectomy - 06-28-2020 04:07 PM
Thanks for responding Paul, you certainly have been through the ringer. We are meeting with the doctor in July and that is one of the many questions we have.

Good luck to you and take care!
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