Acid reflex with tube

Posted By: sandisays

Acid reflex with tube - 12-19-2018 04:56 PM

Any suggestions on meds or methods of controlling excess throat mucus. Any suggestions would be appreciated I have started this nagging dry cough which drs think is possibly caused by gerd.
Posted By: PaulB

Re: Acid reflex with tube - 12-20-2018 09:57 PM

Hi Sandysays!

I did have just acid reflux a few years ago, but that turned into Barrets Esphogus, a precancerous condition that possibly enduces esphogus cancer in a small number of people, so I take omeprazple daily, and hace esphogus biopsy yearly. The medication is often prescribed for acid reflux.

Another thing I learned, and it’s not entirely understood, but sleeping on your left side as ippposed to the right side is better for acid reflux. I do sleep on an incline bed, but there are pillows specifically designed for this, but that I do not have or know if it would be comfortable enough for me.

Another thing is not laying down at least 2 hours after eating. That I do have a problem with as I tire easily.

There are food and drink to limit or abstain from like coffee, alcohol, etc to hejp reduce acid reflux.

If your doctors didn’t already advise, maybe see a gastro doctor to hejp with this issue and or identify. You’re probably right with your diagnosis, but there always a chance it’s something else or a co-condition.

I hope this helps!
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