update on swallow test

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update on swallow test - 12-13-2018 03:46 AM

we couldn't get him in for weeks to do the swallow test at any hospital and speech pathologist was horrified at how he wasn't even trying to swallow or eat and said it was very critical to get on this NOW. So she gave him the papers saying which exercises he was supposed to be doing the whole time. They asked if he did them over the last week.....he answered that he really hadn't done them too much. Now you all see what I'm dealing with! Even though he was scared to death, he barely made the effort. It's his life.

So they had him swallow a liquid mixed with starch first. That went down a little but he had so much mucus that it kind of stayed in his throat. They suctioned his throat. He is still dehydrated they told him again this week and it makes the mucus worse. Then he swallowed applesauce and a tic tac (to represent the pills he is swallowing each day to make sure they were actually getting into his stomach for his GERD). Both went well. He has to do the drop chin to swallow though as the muscles are weak from radiation.

Now he goes back each week for follow up on swallowing. I will say he is doing some applesauce. Not sure about doing the exercises. He's doing 6 boxes of formula and some water. He is having more energy now and starting to irritate me! I guess we will call that progress.
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Re: update on swallow test - 12-13-2018 02:51 PM

I’m glad to know that he’s going back weekly for swallowing. It really is something that needs consistent work.

Just an aside, during one of John’s swallowing tests, the pill ( a real capsule) became lodged in his nose instead of going down. You should have seen the face of the SLP when she gave me the news. Of course, she assured me that it would eventually melt and so, no harm done. 😬
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Re: update on swallow test - 12-13-2018 05:56 PM

oh my! I wonder how it got into his nose?

He is somewhat cooperative with these ladies. I told them I would drive the 2 hours every week if he was willing to do what they say. The medical people we have encountered in this journey have been beyond wonderful.
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