Posted By: Kris E. Fibula free flap - 02-19-2021 07:28 PM
Earlier in 2020 a Odontogenic Myxoma tumor was found in my mandible. It is a benign but aggressive tumor with a high reoccurrence rate. At the time of removal it was 4cm in length. In July 2020 I had a partial mandibulectomy and fibula free flap reconstruction. I’m almost 7 months out and am looking at yet another surgery but this time on my leg with an orthopedic surgeon. What is left of my fibula has too much “play” and has destabilized my ankle resulting in injuries to my syndesmosis (high ankle sprains) and several falls. I completed PT which did strengthen my lower leg and ankle but I’m still having pain, limited mobility, and instability. The orthopedic surgeon wants to essentially strap my fibula to my tibia to keep it in the correct position for my ankle joint and syndesmosis. That surgery is currently scheduled for early March 2021.

Has anyone had to have a secondary surgery to stabilize their fibula after a free flap? My ENT surgeon told me that during that first major surgery they didn’t need to do anything for the fibula and that it would stabilize itself with scar tissue. Is this normal? What were your experiences like?

Thanks in advance for any advice and feedback. I appreciate it. I posted this earlier on the introduction board. If you already saw this there, I apologize for the repetition.
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