Posted By: Becky L Trismus Treatment? - 07-12-2020 01:38 PM
My husband has severe trismus after having 100+ Gys over the last 18 months. It seems to be getting worse and he can no longer fit the mouth stretching device into his mouth (it is an Ora Stretch Press, and seems similar to a Therabite). It’s impacting his ability to eat and speak.

1. Does anyone have suggestions for what to do when the mouth stretching device won’t fit? I think I remember reading something about using tongue depressors, but can’t remember the details on how to use them. Is there anything else that we should consider besides tongue depressors?

2. Have you found a medical professional particularly helpful in addressing trismus? If so, what type?

Thank you!
Posted By: Dizz_zzey Re: Trismus Treatment? - 07-13-2020 05:47 PM
When my jaw started to tighten up I would massage the sides of my face from the middle of my lower jaw up the side of my face, both sides. I would do it in the shower, as it was warm and I could use my face wash as a lubricant. I would then do it again when putting on my moisturiser. So twice a day. It helped.
Posted By: Barry Toronto Re: Trismus Treatment? - 07-23-2020 10:15 PM
i used tongue depressors. I inserted as many depressors (flat side up) as i could between front teeth and held them in place for 30 seconds. Add more depressors over time as muscles loosened. When i started i could only fit 8 tongue depressors- gradually built it up to 26. I would also massage jaw muscles while the depressors held my mouth open.
Posted By: gmcraft Re: Trismus Treatment? - 07-24-2020 02:20 PM
That’s impressive, from 8 to over 20. It’s important to work on the muscles ASAP if not they will become so hard that you won’t be able to stretch them. Good job, Barry!
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