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#199925 03/11/2020 12:12 AM
by DavidUofMsavedMe
Two more days, woot!

Looking forward to the end of treatment. The mucositis is getting bad...the worst it has ever been during a scheduled 33 radiation treatment sessions, which is why my scheduled third round of chemo (cisplatin) was canceled today. Got fluid infusion with pain killer instead. My Chemo Oncologist did not want the chemo enhancing the radiation treatments, which would make the sores worst.

I've been dealing with tongue sores for a few weeks now, but have been able to deal with it using lidocaine, salt & soda rinse, & Magic Mouthwash. Last week I finally had to start using Morphine Immediate Release (IR) 15mg as needed for pain every 4 hours.

The pain worsened over the weekend. Eating & drinking have finally become difficult & I had to throw away some of my meals, which dialed back my caloric intake. Drinking an 8oz. bottle of Ensure became a chore, taking a long time to drink because of the pain. Now my nutritionist wants me drinking around 5 per day. Oh boy...

I was prescribed Morphine Extended Release (ER) 15mg today to use in conjunction with the IR. So hopefully it helps, because the IR alone wasn't getting the job done.
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#199927 Mar 11th a 01:33 PM
by gmcraft
Many patients do not get the final dose of Cisplatin because of averse effects. If you are still able to drink Ensure you are doing not too badly. One patient I met at the hospital was taking an hour to get a bottle of Ensure down. That’s probably the norm rather than the exception. Hang in there, you’re doing very well. In a couple of weeks you will start to feel better.
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#199936 Mar 12th a 03:37 AM
by ChristineB
To clarify just how important it is to report any and all changes no matter how small or insignificant they seem to their medical team, especially when its happening during rads and/or chemo. Cisplatin can cause a wide variety of significant, permanent health issues. Hearing loss is one of the most common problems patients may have. Cisplatin is also known to cause kidney problems. When going thru rads w/ chemo, any changes a patient notices should be immediately brought to the attention of the medical oncologist. Often the cisplatin is changed to carboplatin which is similar to cisplatin without causing more permanent damage. Patients should NOT receive another dose of cisplatin if they've noticed any hearing changes (no matter how insignificant it may seem.... its not!!!). Hearing side effects from cisplatin are permanent and can not be reversed.

Learning about OC is something all OC patients should do, even the ones who want to avoid knowing too much. Reading about OC (using only reputable resources like the main OCF site... link is below) helps patients to find their own voice to be their own best advocate. Patients should know what is normal and what isnt so they know what to watch out for and pass along to their medical team. Its better to immediately speak up about every noticeable change, even something that seems like its just a minor difference to prevent a permanent health issue that affects something as important as their hearing. Better safe than sorry.

Main OCF Site, Understanding OC section
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#199944 Mar 13th a 01:31 AM
by DavidUofMsavedMe
Had my final treatment today & rang the bell. 33 radiation treatments completed. Plus the 2 chemo rounds. Did anyone else keep their radiation mask? Or just me? Not that it matters, but I thought I would keep it for a while as a reminder.

Heading home tomorrow morning after breakfast. It will be nice to get back home again. I have only been home for two weeks since my surgery back on December 19, 2019. The rest of the time was spent here in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I received my cancer treatment.

Home sweet home.
Here I come.

Now the recovery begins.
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