I am seeing an oral surgeon on Wednesday and hoping that they will do a biopsy just to make sure that this isn't cancer. I have stayed away from sugar and all spicey foods, changed my toothpaste, drink nothing with sugar in it and I still have this pain.

I am praying that they will at the least just do it and see what it could be. I have had this for way to long. This all started with a sore throat back in March and then was put on antibiotics and steroids for a month and got oral thrush. I still have the white coating on my tongue but it's not oral thrush as I was tested for that..2 red spots in the middle that have been there for a year and they are more painful and seems to be getting bigger. I also have pain on both sides of my tongue now where it was only one side before. This has now spread to my nasal passages and I have really bad dry eyes and dry mouth a lot also. I have been tested for Sjogrens but it came back negative.

I had a CT scan with contrast so we will see if this comes back with anything here in a couple of days. Just frustrating that no one knows what's going on but I literally don't even want to eat because of the pain. frown