I don't think the doctors told him to go off of them. I think he quit taking them while going through treatment and never went back. I will say all of his current behavior is the same as when he was on the anti depressants so that's why I say, I don't know if they were worthwhile or not. His motto in life is: I won't change as long as there is a pill for that. He has actually said those words despite many medical issues over the years.

I just have to survive! He's not going to wake up.

Thanks to all for listening. You have truly been carrying me along so many times.

Spouse of 58 yr old with BOT cancer
Stage 4a HPV16 positive
3 chemo treatments cisplantin
35 radiation treatments 7000 cGy
former smoker/chewed tobacco for 38 yrs.
1/2020 diagnosed with cancer near TMJ
4/2020 chemo 5 days every 2 weeks
6/2020 proton therapy
9/21/2020 cancer free