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#60671 - 04/24/07 09:32 PM Breaking out in sweats
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Seems like we are having for after tx problems then we had going though it. Marvin has been breaking out in sweats just sitting around. Doesnt seem to have a fever he just starts sweating. Also seems to still have lots of thick mucus which causes problems with vomiting. Marvin gets alittle down when several things seem to be going wrong for him. I tell him we are in the early stages and from what I read on here it can be rough for the next few weeks. He is trying to drink alittle water each day but so far not more then about 2oz. We do go Monday for a swallow test so they well see if everything is working good and they have ordered him a theribite(which we hope our insurance will pay for)Sometimes all these things see to be overwhelming.. I just want to make sure I am keeping on top of everything going on. This board has been a life saver for me. Even the speech doctor was impressed with all that we have found out on this site. She really like to hear about the carn 560 she said she had patients who she would let know about it to help them. Looks like I have drifted from my subject. Just so much on my mind right know.
CG for Marvin.

#60672 - 04/24/07 10:50 PM Re: Breaking out in sweats
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Hey Barb
I'm just starting here but have read much. I searched your symptoms. If he is taking pilocarpine(salagen) this CAN cause sweating. Some people switch to evoxac if they have sweating. The mucostis (thick flem) is normal.I READ THIS ON THIS SITE. I AM NO DR.You should bring this to your Drs. attention just in case. I'm sure others will respond.
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#60673 - 04/24/07 11:22 PM Re: Breaking out in sweats
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Hey Barb, I am about 5 weeks post tx and I have had a few bouts with sweats. Mine mostly come at night. No fever just sweats. I still have thick mucous as well. The thrush keeps popping up and it seems I'm getting new blisters in places that seemed to be healed last week. I think my primary and stuff was a little different as you can see in my info but I'm pretty sure the thick mucous is normal, although different for everyone. I'm not sure about the sweats. When I mentioned them to my dr. they just wanted to know if it came with a fever, when I said no they didn't say anything else about it. I hope Marvin feels better soon and I hope you are hangin in there too. :-) Lee
Lee, age 33, stage 4a, T2N2bM0, Tumor left tonsil (removed), 2 left side nodes removed (poorly differientiatied)total of 3 nodes involved. Treatment IMRT x33/ 2x Cysplatin completed. Good Health and Good Help to you.

#60674 - 04/27/07 07:33 PM Re: Breaking out in sweats
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I had night sweats also. No fever either. Then they just disappeared as quickly as they came. Hmmmmm go figure. I visited the doctor last month and he said the thick mucous will never go away. He explained why but I can't remember but I do remember him saying the thick mucous and the lymphedema (sp?) of the neck would make me more susceptible to sinus infections.
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#60675 - 04/27/07 10:48 PM Re: Breaking out in sweats
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Barb, I can't address the sweats, but the mucous issue is really tough to handle. Here are some things we kept in the house to alternate between. Gauifenesin, Musinex, Rincinol, Alkalol, Tussin [non cough formula] baking soda + salt solution, suction machine. Hyoscyamine is a possibile to try[we never tried it] John did try the scopolamine transderm patch, but couldn't tolerate it. Good luck. Amy in the Ozarks
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#60676 - 05/09/07 10:02 PM Re: Breaking out in sweats
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I am new to this site but jst saw your message on him breaking out in sweats. I did the same thing when I was going thru chemo and radiation. No one ever knew what it was from but it quit soon after treatment. Best of luck.
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