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#29871 - 06/02/03 05:40 PM Re: Long Time Survivors


Thank you for posting and YEAH for you...please come back and be a part this message board. I'm sure you have valuable insights you can share.


#29872 - 06/03/03 12:18 AM Re: Long Time Survivors
Mark Offline
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Loc: Minnesota, land of 10,000 taxe...

I am happy for you! laugh Your story is the kind of thing many of the new folks need to hear. (I need it too).

The one(and perhaps only) negative aspect of this kind of web site is that a great number of longterm survivors aren't posting here. Why? because they are off living their lives (which is great) but leaving the impression that few make it that far. Keep in touch here because a reminder once and a while is a great thing!
Mark, 16 Years survivor, SCC right tonsil, 3 nodes positive, one with extra-capsular spread. I never asked what stage (would have scared me anyway) Right side tonsillectomy, radical neck dissection right side, maximum radiation to both sides, no chemo, no PEG, age 40 when diagnosed.

#29874 - 07/21/06 06:38 AM Re: Long Time Survivors
lenny polizzi Offline
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I am not yet a longf term survivor but plan on being one, and will live my life like I am one.

#29875 - 07/23/06 12:20 PM Re: Long Time Survivors
DM32ASA Offline
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Thanks for bringing this to the top.
I am only 6 months out from treatment. I am not sure if I qualify as survivor yet but so far cancer free.

I am just over whelmed by the stories here. God what Hell we all go through and some how try to be hopeful at the same time.

I am just trying to get enough strength to go to store, clean house, and cook..ect. I have no idea how you all go through this and work too!??

Bless you all
2004 SCC R.tip 1/4 tongue Oct. 2005 R. Neck SCC cancer/Chemo Cisplatin 2x/8wks. Rad. Removed Jugular vein, Lymph gland & some neck muscle. TX finished 1/20/06... B.Cancer 3/29/07 Finished 6/07 Bi-op 7/15/09 SCC in-situ, laser surgery removed from 1st. sight. Right jaw replacement 11/3/14. 9 yrs cancer free as of Jan. 2015

#29876 - 07/24/06 10:54 AM Re: Long Time Survivors
JOAN Offline
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Loc: Wilson, NC
Yes in my home town of Wilson NC there is a gentleman who is at least 20yr. When I was told about my cancer he was the 1st person I went to. His doctors told his wife he had 6 months to a year. They refused to live that way, and he is still with us today.

#29877 - 07/25/06 11:09 AM Re: Long Time Survivors
Sherrie Lynn Offline
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Loc: MI
My husband Dan will be 5 years July 31st. He wants a cake. My 13 yr old is mortified by that. She does not want to talk about it or even think about it. I think some of us have our way of dealing with things. I used to post all the time years ago, but I get so afraid the more I read and it is just easier to cope by not reading so much.
I am in awe of all of you that post on a daily basis, hoping I will be strong enough to do that one day. I just get by day by day and try not to think about it all the time.
Sometimes I think that makes me cowardly, people want to chat with survivors and care givers.
Danny sent many an email to me when I was scared and look at what he went through. I am just not quite there yet.
Thanks for listening

Oh well, 5 years hurray....
Sherrie wife to Dan, Tonsil cancer survivor, Stage IV diagnosed July/2001

#29878 - 07/25/06 10:48 PM Re: Long Time Survivors
JAM Offline
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Sherrie and Dan, Hooray Indeed laugh You are both real warriors to have gotten to this stage. [altho it sounds like your daughter was scared to death during Dan's tx.-and may still be scared-Tell her that your family is celebrating Life together- that it is like a family birthday everyday that you all have each other to love. I wish many many more for you all. Amy
CGtoJohn:SCC Flr of Mouth.Dx 3\05. Surg.4\05.T3NOMO.IMRTx30. Recur Dx 1\06.Surg 2\06. Chemo: 4 Cycles of Carbo\Taxol:on Erbitux for 7 mo. Lost our battle 2-23-07- But not the will to fight this disease


#29879 - 07/25/06 11:02 PM Re: Long Time Survivors
JoAnne1981 Offline
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Congratulations on hitting the 5 year mark. It's so encouraging to hear about survivors. May you have many more celebrations. At 13 your daughter is probably mortified because she has parents and has to be seen with them - don't worry she'll get over it. Definitely go for the cake!!!
Regards JoAnne
JoAnne - Caregiver to husband, cancer rt. tonsil, mets to soft palate, BOT, 7 lymph nodes - T3N2BM0, stage 4. Robotic assisted surgery, radical neck dissection 2/06; 30 IMTX treatments and 4 cycles of cisplatin completed June 06.

#29880 - 09/26/06 10:43 PM Re: Long Time Survivors
coley1 Offline
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Loc: Bowie, MD
I came online tonight to check the site which I used to do regularly. When we lost Danny Boy, I have to admit that I hid for awhile.
But, I want the new people on the site to know that there are happy endings to all of this. And I know my Danny would want me to share the good news.
My husband should not have been one of the good guys. He was diagnosed with stage III tonsillar cancer with node involvement. Had an upper lobe of one of his lungs removed.....which was benign, but caused so much anguish that it threw him into a full-blown alcohol addiction. After rehab, and miracles not deserved, he is 4 years out and happier, healthier and a better person than he was before diagnosis.
Love to all,
Stage III tonsil, Dx 8/14/2002,chemo and rad...reoccurance 8/3/07,Base of Tongue,vocal cords,stage IVA,total larynectomy and glossectomy 9/4/07 with pec flap...reoccurance Nov. '08 and Feb. '09 (positive margins remained after each operation) Second pec flap May 7, 2009. Still positive margins.

#29881 - 10/23/06 10:57 AM Re: Long Time Survivors
MD50 Offline
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Loc: Boston, Ma.
Hello everyone 7 yrs and still counting. Today when someone says that every day is a gift, my response is that it is a wonderful thing if you really FEEL that way and I do. But believe me there were many days where I. said "what's your return policy because today really S%$@#D.Every person is truly different but there is so many ways we are alike. Together we can make a difference. Share yourself with others, Cancer survivors and caregivers are such special people and I grow so much as a person reading your struggles and finding the instant responses of people reaching out to help a person in need. Forget the # of yrs. try to keep count of the # of people that you had a positive impact on. My goal is one a day if I try to strech it to 2 I gag on myself for trying to be too nice. Why can't I find a Nasopharyngeal cancetr survivor then I can drive them crazy instead of all you guys.As my new friend Tim Stoj said Keep on Keeping on !!!
Mark D. Stage 3 Nasopharynx dx10/99 T2N3M0 40xrad 2x Cisplatin 5FU. acute leuk 1998.

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