It has come to my attention many of our members have not checked their private messages (PMs). I know our site has so many options and things to learn when first joining our group, plus many people simply are not feeling well. Id like to take a couple minutes and explain in detail how to check your PMs. Take a look at the menu bar where it says Forums, My Stuff, etc. If you have a tiny flashing envelope next to the My Stuff tab click on it to get your PMs. You can also click on the My Stuff words or the small downward facing arrow next to it. On the drop down menu click on Private Messages and it will take you to your inbox. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask. I will always do my best to help you.

Thank you!

SCC 6/15/07 L chk & by L molar both Stag I, age44
2x cispltn-35 IMRT end 9/27/07
-65 lbs in 2 mo, no caregvr
Clear PET 1/08
4/4/08 recur L chk Stag I
surg 4/16/08 clr marg
215 HBO dives
3/09 teeth out, trismus
7/2/09 recur, Stg IV
8/24/09 trach, ND, mandiblctmy
3wks medicly inducd coma
2 mo xtended hospital stay, ICU & burn unit
PICC line IV antibx 8 mo
10/4/10, 2/14/11 reconst surg
OC 3x in 3 years
very happy to be alive smile