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#194419 - 05/10/17 08:23 PM What Would You do?  
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Joined: May 2017
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I posted a week or so ago....
At any rate, I had an appointment with an Oral Surgeon yesterday. He was very through. The area of concern is on the side of my tongue and underneath. He felt "100%" there was nothing to be concerned with and felt the are was just vascular. What I am seeing is an area of red dots. I actually am a dental hygienist...I would tend to believe I am more in tune than most who don't have a dental background. I do not see the same on the other side, he said he did?????
I will back track a bit... I have been "sick" since February with hoarseness, ear pain(same side) and my submandibular gland(also same side) is extremely painful. For about 2 months my face on that side has been tingly/numb feeling. When that symptom arose, I was sent for a head and neck MRI which revealed thyroid "nodules". I was then referred back to the ENT who we had to push to have the "nodules" biopsied. Thankfully, the biopsy was negative.
The Oral Surgeon felt that "something" is definitely is going on and would like to be involved in trying to figure it out. He asked if he could contact my primary doctor so they could discuss. I of course gave the go ahead.
He called me today letting me know he spoke to her and depending on what my most recent CT(abdomen/pelvic) showed, they may refer me to a neurologist.
I expressed my concern with him once more about my tongue and surrounding area. I was in quite a bit of pain today..... I said I appreciated his efforts etc. but wondered if we should biopsy. Now he has left it up to me to think about....
The question I have is should I have it biopsied, or go on his expertise that he is "100%" sure there was nothing to be concerned about.......
I appreciate this forum so much and am looking forward to the responses!!!!

#194424 - 05/10/17 11:25 PM Re: What Would You do? [Re: MrsSmitty]  
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The only thing that can prove cancer is a biopsy. Even that testing is subject to human error, but your doctor(s) may have a high opinion just on observation based on their experience. Mine wanted a biopsy for almost any suspicion be it a FNAB, punch, incisional or endoscopic biopsy under anesthesia, but my history with recurrences is different than most. Once an enlarged node wasn't biopsied right after treatment, and trusted the doctors opinion it was an inflammatory response. If I wasn't satisfied, I would go elsewhere and or see another one my doctors opinion or testing.

Good luck

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#194447 - 05/12/17 11:19 PM Re: What Would You do? [Re: MrsSmitty]  
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San Jose, California
I would most definitely get a second opinion. My ENT was convinced that I had a second branchial cleft cyst and wanted to postpone surgery to the end of this year - instead I had surgery 3/6 and they discovered my "cyst" was SCC in a cystic lymph node. I don't like to consider what could happened if I had waited.

Ear pain was my first sign; I know that is anecdotal but wanted to share it.

Wishing you the best of luck,

Keep fighting friends!

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#194465 - 05/17/17 10:21 PM Re: What Would You do? [Re: MrsSmitty]  
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Joined: May 2017
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Had biopsy today with the mentioned Oral Surgeon! We shall see....

#194468 - 05/18/17 03:42 AM Re: What Would You do? [Re: MrsSmitty]  
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Very good! Im so glad you have had a biopsy done so you will get to the bottom of whats going on.

Finger and toes crossed that its negative.

Good luck!!!

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#194498 - 05/21/17 05:53 PM Re: What Would You do? [Re: MrsSmitty]  
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Joined: May 2017
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So I had the biopsy on Wednesday. Holy Moly, I was NOT prepared for the pain that would come after! It's not so much my tongue, it's when I swallow. The oral surgeon took about a 2 inch section. It feels and looks like I have a bunch of canker sores! I haven't been able to eat a thing since! I have tried Jell-O and Mashed Potatoes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I have rinsed with warm salt water and today I have applied moist tea bags to the area.
I told my husband yesterday, if the biopsy comes back positive, I'm not sure I can handle any more.


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