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#193935 - 02/28/17 03:08 AM Social Security Disability
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Hello all,
I don't know how to approach my radiologist about SSdisability, my ENT is out of the picture for now, I have 35 rad treatments starting in March and I will file short term disability through my work. The treatments will last 7 weeks and plan to file short term for about 12 of those weeks. I was told by a social worker that if my doctor did not think that my treatments were that serious that I could return to work after treatments so that there was no reason even to file! Do I just ask him to help me with SSdisability or what, it is weird to work with doctors that are 20 years younger than I am. I am 60 years old and work as a Master Certified Auto Technician, everyday I smell gasoline fumes, exhaust fumes, in contact with solvents, work on brakes and accidently inhale brake dust though I wear a mask and other things. I am tired of it and am in need of some suggestions.
Please help!
My ENT says that my tongue cancer did not mastecize from there to my throat and that I am just unfortunate, so I am not terminal? Sort of confused right now and probably will be more confused in a few weeks after treatments have started!
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#193937 - 02/28/17 03:54 AM Re: Social Security Disability [Re: Murphy]
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You do not have to be diagnosed terminal to receive SS disability. If you are unable to work (long term, not just a couple weeks) due to your illness then you should apply. To qualify, I think you must be out sick from work for at least 6 months (maybe its a year?). It doesnt hurt to try applying. The worst that can happen is you get denied (seems many get denied then appeal and are approved). I think you can fill out the paperwork and list your physicians then SS contacts them for your records and makes a determination. Heres the link to SSD.

Good luck!!!

SS Disability

PS... Read thru some of the posts in this section. Im pretty sure over the years a few tips have been shared to help make the disability process easier.
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#193938 - 02/28/17 03:55 PM Re: Social Security Disability [Re: Murphy]
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It's been a while for me dealing with this, but when I was initially going through in hospital chemo treatment in 2009, I was already under short term disability, which I believe was 26 weeks, depending on your minimum hours worked, and number of employees they have, all which were met. The hospital social worker who came to visit my room said to file SS then, but I laughed to myself thinking I'd be up and running soon, maybe even during treatment. Well, that didn't work out as i expected, and was out for the long term.

Besides short term disability, my employer met my weekly salary, so I had one less worry about paying my bills being I lived alone. After the short term disability, 6 months, I was still in the hospital, so I had to file long term disability. My employment ended with my employer at that point, being I was out if work for 6 months.

At some point, I don't even know who filed SS for me, maybe the nursing home social worker, but they filed the wrong type. Instead of SSDI, which I qualify for, they filed for SSI and Medicaid, so I was denied that based on my income, which I didn't care about.

When I was back home, 8 months later, I had to file for SSDI as part of the long term disability program, if I was denied, LTD would stop too. Such SS filing was done over the telephone, and forms to fill out by mail. I don't know if any of the doctors were cooperative as SS said they got no responses, and had to see the SS doctor for a physical. He even suggested I go back for long term nursing care. Two months later, I was awarded SSDI, which went back to my first disability date in 2009, about a year before, but with that I had to give back the money I was paid for short term and long term disability from the award money.

I had good health insurance, and continued with that under COBRA being Medicare doesn't kick in until your 29th month from your disability date, but you have to pay the total premium, plus an administrative fee. Luckily at that time, Obama had a 60% reduction with that.

I had a disability lawyer from the long term disability insurer, so there was no charge for that, as I believe they can get up to 30% of the award money.

In essence, you have to be totally disabled for a year or expected to be unable to perform your job for a year or longer or any similar type of work, I believe.

I heard of people who filed in person at their local SS office, and were helped.

I hope this helps.
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