Dear friends,

I finally got the results of the pathology report. The margins around the tumor all came back clean. However, of the 46 lymph nodes taken one did come back positive. The ENT surgeon stated that it was "encapsulated" and was the closest node to the tumor. He does not believe radiation would be indicated at this time. I will be having monthly appointments with him to check up on things and I know it would be that long before my tongue is healed enough from the flap to endure radiation.

My question is this: should I be considering radiation anyway? I would love to be able to forgo it but I don't want to have a recurrance. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Fr. Mike

Fr. Mike
SCC on the base of tongue, right side. T2 N1 M0. July 25, 2003 partial (40%) glossectomy, forearm flap reconstruction, right side neck disection.