I agree with Gerri. With all the other responsibilities that I have taken on since M got sick, the thought of having to deal with those little home handyman type things is sometimes too much. A few months ago with M in hospital I was also trying to book a plumber to come to the house (1 hr from hospital) and found myself in tears (which is NOT the normal me).

I also like the idea of a list of options to let her choose what she would like you to do. My parents did this for me and it made it much easier to start asking for help when they gave me a list of things they were prepared to do to help out. It makes it easier to know where to start.

Wife/Caregiver of M:
SCC tongue Jan 2010, age 29|Hemiglossectomy, neck dissection Mar 2010|Recurrence June 2011|Surg. July 2011 bone/tissue graft,neck dissection|PEG Aug 2011|TX Rad & Chemo|Infected jaw hardware removed Apr 2012.